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This is a list of the various interviews that I have kept over the past couple years. The list should be much, much larger, but a computer crash sunk my data one day. Hopefully there are some items here of interest. Should you wish to hear one of these interviews, just e-mail me at james@engagingtheword.net and let me know which one!

- James O'Hearn


Mark Abley - Spoken Here
Marjorie Anderson - Dropped Threads 2
Gail Anderson-Dargatz - A Rhinestone Button
Colin Angus - Lost In Mongolia
Barbara Annis - Same Words, Different Language
Homero Aridjis - Eyes To See Otherwise
Kay Armatage - The Girl From God's Country
William Illsey Atkinson - Nanocosm
Lloyd Axworthy -Navigating A New World


Joel Bakan - The Corporation
F. Scott Bakker - The Darkness That Comes Before
Michel Basilieres - Black Bird
Rachel Billington - A Woman's Life
Nik Beat - The Tyranny Of Love
Giles Blunt - The Delicate Storm
George Bowering - Stone Country
Stephen Brunt - Facing Ali
Ron Buist - Tales From Under The Rim
Brian Busby - Character Parts
Bonnie Buxton - Damaged Angels


Bill Cameron - Cat's Crossing
Edward Carey - Alva & Irva
Peter Carey - My Life As A Fake
Claudia Casper - The Continuation Of Love By Other Means
Ted Chamberlain - If This Is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories?
Lillian Chan - The Wellness Options
Syl Cheney-Coker - Selected Poems
Don Coles - Doctor Bloom's Story
Deborah Joy Corey - The Skating Pond
Lesley Ann Cowan - As She Grows
Gil Courtemanche - A Sunday By The Pool In Kigali
Jim Crace - Six
Robert Creeley - If I Were Writing This
Richard Cumyn - The View From Tamischira
Andrea Curtis - Into The Blue


Romeo Dallaire - Shake Hands With The Devil
Kristen den Hartog - The Perpetual Ending
Maggie DeVries - Missing Sarah
Andrea Di Robilant - A Venetian Affair
Jane Doe - The Story Of Jane Doe
Madeline Drohan - Making A Killing
Jennifer Duncan - Frontier Spirit: Women Of The Klondike
Helen Dunmore - Mourning Ruby


Jeffery Euginides - Middlesex
Bernardine Evaristo - The Emperor's Babe


Mark Federman - McLuhan For Managers
James Fenton - Introduction To English Poetry
Scott Feschuck - Searching For Micheal Jackson's Nose
Jamieson Findlay - The Blue Roan Child
Stephen Finucan - Foreigners


Diana Gabaldon - Lord John And The Private Matter
Steven Galloway - Ascenscion
Nelson George - Post-Soul Nation
William Gibson - Pattern Recognition
Douglas Glover - Elle
Terry Gould - Paper Fan: The Hunt For Triad Gangster Steven Wong
Lee Gowan - The Last Cowboy
Catherine Graham - Pupa
Simon Gray - Enter A Fox
Darren Greer - Still Life With June
Taras Grescoe - The End Of Elsewhere
Charlotte Grey - Canada: A Portrait In Letters 1800 - 2000
Don Gutteridge - Turncoat


Mark Haddon - The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime
Alex Hall - Discovering Eden
William K Hartman - A Traveller's Guide To Mars
Elizabeth Hay - Garbo Laughs
Shirley Hazzard - The Great Fire
Maggie Helwig - Between Mountains
Iselin Herman - Where The Moon Lies Down
Robert Hilles - A Gradual Ruin
Jack Hodgins - Distance
Khaleed Hosseini - The Kite Runner
Robert Hough - The Stowaway
Isabelle Huggan - Belonging


Micheal Ignatieff - Empire Lite & Charlie Johnson In The Flames
Jay Ingram - The Velocity Of Honey
Pico Iyer - The Sun After Dark
Kim Izzo & Ceri Marsh - The Fabulous Girl's Code Red


D'Arcy Jenish - Epic Wanderer
Wayne Johnston - The Navigator of New York
Evan Jones - Nothing Fell Today But Rain


Guy Gavriel Kay - Beyond This Dark House
Pagan Kennedy - Black Livingstone
Mark Kingwell - Catch & Release
Elaine Kalman Knaves - Shoshanna's Story
Richelle Kosar - Streak Of Luck
Lesley Kreuger - The Corner Garden
David Kuhl - The Truth About Death And Dying
Kathryn Kuitenbrower - Way Up
Mark Kurlansky - 1968


James Laxer - The Border
David Liss - A Spectacle Of Corruption


Cynthia MacDonald - Alms
D.R. MacDonald - All The Men Are Sleeping
Roy MacSkimming - The Perilous Trade
Rabindranath Maharaj - The Book Of Ifs And Buts
Victor Malarek - The Natashas
William Marsden - The Road To Hell
George R.R. Martin - A Song Of Ice And Fire
Lawrence Martin - Iron Man Vol. 2
Valerie Martin - Property
Gabor Mate - When The Body Says No
Gabor Mate & Gordon Neufeld - Hold On To Your Kids
Kevin McDermott - Elephant House
Leo McKay Jr. - Twenty Six
Maureen McTeer - In My Own Name
Aida Memisevic - Fears For Ears
Drusilla Modjeska - Timepieces
Susie Moloney - The Dwelling
Mark Morton - The Lover's Tongue
Sophia Mustafa - In The Shadow Of Kirinyaga


Robert Newman - The Fountain At The Center Of The World
Audrey Niffenegger - The Time Traveller's Wife
Stephanie Nolan - Shakspeare's Face


Lynn Olsen & Stanley Cloud - A Question Of Honor
Christopher Ondaatje - Hemingway In Africa

Steve Paikin - The Dark Side
Kevin Patterson - Country Of Cold
Patricia Pearson - Playing House
Christopher Phillips - The Six Questions of Socrates
Richard Pound - Highly Effective Quotations
Lyall Powers - Alien Heart


Michael Redhill - Fidelity
Rose Reisman - Weekday Wonders: Healthy Light Meals For Everyday
David Adams Richards - River Of The Brokenhearted
Jeffery Robinson - The Sink
Peter Robinson - The Summer That Never Was
Linda Rogers - Friday Water
Gary Stephen Ross - Stung
Ellie Rubin - Ambition
Douglas Rushkoff - Nothing Sacred
Scott Russell - Open House
Edward Rutherford - The Princes of Ireland


David Sacks - Language Visible
Kerri Sakamoto - One Hundred Million Hearts
Robert J. Sawyer - Hominids
Robert Sedlack - The Horn Of A Lamb
Alexander McCall Smith - The Kalahari Typing School For Men
Bonnie Stern - The Essentials Of Home Cooking
Barbara Strauch - The Primal Teen
Caitlin Sweet - A Telling Of Stars
Graham Swift - In The Light Of Day


Mike Tanner - Acting The Giddy Goat
Harry Thurston - Isle Of The Blessed
David Ticoll - The Naked Corporation
Maria Tippet - Bill Reid: The Making Of An Indian
Neely Tucker - Love In The Driest Season


Peter Unwin - The Wolf's Head
Priscilla Uppal - Uncommon Ground
Peter Urmetzer - From Free Trade To Forced Trade


Ann Vanderhoof - An Embarassment Of Mangoes
M.G. Vassanji - The In-Between World Of Vikram Lall
Kim Vicente - The Human Factor
Susan Vreeland - The Forest Lover


Tom Warner - Never Going Back
Darryl Whetter - A Sharp Tooth In The Fur
Jack Whyte - Clothar The Frank
Nicole Williams - Wildly Sophisticated
Nancy Woods - The Portfolio Chef
Richard Worzel - Who Owns Tomorrow?


Dan Yashinsky - Suddenly They Heard Footsteps
Ting-Xing Ye - Throwaway Daughter
Alissa York - Mercy
Alan Young - Justice Defiled